Thursday, February 26, 2009

EK8 Friday's Book Reporters: February 27th, 2009

K-3 Book Review: The Copy Crocs.
Starring Jacqulin + Giselle (Mrs. Kruggle's class):

3-5 Book Review: The Moongobble and Me Series: The Dragon of Doom
Starring Luis + Keaton (Mrs. Schoettley/Mrs. Ettinger's classes and Mrs. Allgaier's class):

5-8 Book Review: Silverwing
Starring Cindy, Emlio and Nick (Mrs. Buthker's class):


Lara Parent said...

Hoping comments are now working!

Nicholaas W. said...

Yes they are!! Good.

You should put a big sign up like ''TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIESS, and a worker and a shovel..hahha'' That would be funny....We missed not having a cool song, next book we do , we need one!!