Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday's Book Reporters: March 20, 2009

K-2 Book Review: Larabee
Starring the Lovely Gabby and her sweet SRC reading buddy, Brysin!

3-8 Book Review: Gregor the Overlander (book one)
Starring the fabulous Alvarado sisters and the magnificent Mr. Miller!

5-8 Book Review (AKA: The Infamous FBR Takeover): Sunwing (Book 2 in the Silverwing series)
Starring (again)the saboteurs: Nick, Cindy and Emilio


Nicholaas W. said...

HEY! This is Nick!! Isnt our bookreporters funny???hahahah!!!

Nicholaas W. said...

Mr. Miller! You r hilarious! You are never crazy liek that at school!!!AHHAHAH!

Lara Parent Photography said...

You guys, rock!
And I agree Mr. Miller is hilarious!